Teacher at Guildhall School of Music & Drama Junior Department, London

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Student Achievements

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Teaching Philosophy

No two students are the same so it is important to adapt the teaching structure for each student

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Robert Turrell has over 37 years experience teaching Violin & Viola to private students and 35 years teaching at specialist music colleges in London, the USA and master-classes all over the world. Robert takes students of any standard from age 7 to adult. He also accepts violin teachers wanting to develop their own teaching skills.

Student Acheivements

Congratulations to:

Seren Nickson (age 16- violin),Ellie Walton (age 18 - viola), Erin Cacace (age 16, viola), William Emery (age 16 - viola) for winning a places in the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain 2016.

Also to Ellie Walton (ug), Rachel Maxey  (pg) going to Royal Academy of Music and Kirsty Clark (pg) GuidhallSchool of Music & Drama all from September 2016

Robert’s 2016 National Youth Orchestra Students